• Phounsouk Sivilay

    Phounsouk Sivilay

    Product designer by training, product leader by trade. Stanford Alum. Formerly Product & Innovation @Comcast NBC Universal

  • Maximillian Wang

    Maximillian Wang

  • Juustiin Thai

    Juustiin Thai

  • Kevin Martinez

    Kevin Martinez

    Bay Area based Latino | Stanford ’17 | He/him | Arts + Culture + Raza

  • Carmelle Millar

    Carmelle Millar

    Software Engineer @ Squarespace | Computer Science @ Stanford University, Class of 2019 | YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMKr-zTHuovb0L96HMamZOw

  • Jake Powell

    Jake Powell

  • Min Keun Park

    Min Keun Park

  • Jack Kim

    Jack Kim

    I create consumer products and art. http://jackk.im

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